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Creating a stylish yet functional bathroom can be a tricky task as bathrooms are more often than not are small spaces. Getting the layout correct is the toughest part of the job, once you have mastered your floorplan then you get to do the exciting stuff, choosing your materials, bath, shower, vanity and of course, your bathroom tiles.

There is a lot to consider when choosing bathroom tiles:

Ozone Tiling have years of experience in bathroom renovations. Preparation is key when it comes to bathrooms, choosing a professional tiler will ensure that waterproofing is done properly ensuring the longevity of your bathroom and avoiding damp problems in the future. Ozone Tiling have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right and we back up our workmanship with a 10 – year guarantee.

Floor to ceiling tiles

There is no doubt about it floor to ceiling tiles are functional and relatively easy to maintain. The advantage of tiling right up to the ceiling is in wet areas there is much less chance of paint peeling from the walls or mould and mildew forming and causing damp problems in the walls. Additionally, floor to ceiling tiles when done professionally definitely give the bathroom a look of elegance and class, thus increasing the value of your home.


You will need to ensure you choose the correct finishes for each area of your bathroom. The floor tiles, for example will need to be slip resistant and hard wearing. Glossy tiles are commonly found in the shower and bathroom walls as they’re functional, and easy to maintain.


Generally speaking, if you have a neutral bathroom it is a good idea to stamp your personality on the bathroom with a feature tile, perhaps one wall of the shower or bathroom, or a mosaic effect. However, if you have chosen statement pieces in your bathroom (e.g. a stone bath, or copper basin) then you are going to want to keep your tiles relatively neutral. It is easy to get carried away with bathroom design, the key is to keep it simple with subtle touches of clever design.

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