Professional Bedding & Silicone Surface Preparation - FREE Quotes

At Ozone tiling we know the importance of surface preparation before commencing a tiling job. Inferior preparation can create a tiling disaster where tiles may crack or become drummy and pop over time.

During the quoting process we will examine the interior/exterior surfaces to ensure the correct materials are selected. We take into account things like the floor or wall surfaces, whether the tiles are being laid over existing tiles or not, whether the area is a wet area such as a bathroom or laundry.

We use quality materials and bedding adhesives for maximum strength and bonding to ensure high performance.

Following tiling and grouting we apply silicone to seal the joints and make waterproof. Silicone is colour matched to the tile to provide a seamless finish. In wet areas such as a bathroom we use silicone designed to be anti-mould, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. When sealing stone we use silicone product that will not bleed into the stone surface.

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